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Sign the #SonomaSafe Pledge for a Safe and Successful Reopening of Sonoma County

The Coronavirus has devastated our community and threatens to destroy our future. Our public health officials and the heroes of our healthcare system have worked tirelessly to keep us safe. We thank you all.

The lockdown and shelter-in-place orders will end, but before they do, businesses must know what local and state government expects of them. Without a plan and lead time to implement it, many businesses will never reopen, and tens of thousands of Sonoma County residents will face a dark and uncertain future. ALL jobs and businesses are ‘essential’ to our livelihood, and a safe and successful re-opening of our local economy needs your help! No one has all of the answers, but together, we will be part of the solution.

No one person, agency or organization is going to bring back our jobs and keep our community safe. Both the public and private sectors have to assume a shared responsibility. We the consumers, employees, employers and voters have to make this happen. No one is going to do it for us.

Sign this pledge to tell our elected officials that you are part of the solution and want Sonoma County reopened safely and successfully. Share your story, and if you can, please share your #SonomaSafe ideas!

From our government, we need:

As a community, we will:

Our jobs, our businesses, our community. Together, we can restart the engine of Sonoma County’s economy and regain our livelihood.

Join us.

#SonomaSafe #SonomaSeguro

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